Does anyone (besides me) wear the same blazer/jacket everyday?

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  1. I wear the same jacket everyday ( It just isn't worth it to buy another one since it seems the cold sneaks up so quickly and I'll be wearing coats soon but it looks like I am wearing the same clothes every single day. If I put a jeweled color silk top underneath, you can see it a little at the bottom and top but ultimately, it still looks the same as if I put a white tank top underneath.

    Does anyone else wear the same jacket everyday? Should I spend a little extra and get another jacket for everyday wear?
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    can't see the link. But I think to extend the life of the jacket, it's not best to wear it everyday if you don't have to, if you have other options. I suspect that the shape will give and color fade.

    I'm a big fan of jackets and have a closet full, so I rotate. But I have a few that I wear more often than others.
  3. ^^I agree and same here, I rotate but my fave is the one i'm wearing today its a burgundy velvet blazer. I love the way it fits.
  4. i have about 4/5 jackets that i rotate, it might be wise to buy 1 more so your jacket doesn't get frayed/etc
  5. I was wearing the same jacket everyday, but now I bought another fall jacket so I can trade them off.
  6. Hmm it is strange. It must have sold out somehow b/c it was there this morning and now it is not. Here is another link from polyvore ( that shows the jacket... I like jackets like this, with nice lines, fitted. I am heavy chested and blazers with lapels usually do not work so great on me because I can never find one that fits right.

    My only problem with buying another jacket is my arms are long.. I am tall to begin with and I hate ordering jackets in talls online b/c the talls may be long enough in the arms but they are also longer in the overall length which becomes too long on me.

    Can you recommend any jackets that provide enough warmth to wear until I need my heavy winter coat that are also long in the arms or that I may be able to let out in the arms?
  7. ^^ sometimes tailoring is your best bet for a proper fit. I have long arms and sometimes have to get 'tall' jackets, having them altered to fit better.
  8. For me I couldn't wear the same ANYTHING everyday. I would get so bored so fast. Even winter coats I always have at least 3 or 4 on the go.
  9. I rotate a lot but I can wear the same for a couple of days because for some reason I like it best for what I have to do at that point in time.
  10. J.Crew has long arms on their jackets. I'm pretty tall and have a problem with the arms at places like Banana Republic being too short, but J.Crew is almost always long enough. They have lots of jackets and you can check the sale section if you are worried about price. Also, BR does make tall in some things so the arms should be longer. I have also had a lot of luck with Anthropologie's jackets for the most part, and you can read reviews to make sure the particular one you like doesn't have short arms.