Does anyone belong to the Dior Diva VIP club?

  1. I had never heard of this. I'm bummed the page or link won't open for me. I only buy their mascara and sunscreen, but have never received anything.:sad:
  2. hmm I recently bought a bunch of makeup... too bad I didn't know about this... The link is not working though, can you try reposting it?
  3. What kind of stuff did you get?? Neither of the links work, just go to Dior's makeup site and its on the upper right to click.
  4. I mail my receives last week and I am getting my reward tomorrow!!
  5. I made my Dior purchases at Sephora, does it still qualify for the program?
  6. i'm in canada and i buy my stuff at sephora as well so i've never heard of the Dior Diva VIP club here.
    however i remember my aunt receiving the welcome packet in the mail when i went to hong kong two years ago. they had to spend about 5000 hkd in order to get a piece of Dior jewelry or something.
  7. It should.
  8. Ohhh thanks
  9. Thanks for the link! I'm suddenly inspired to go purchase some Dior makeup, lol.
  10. I got a black make up case with mirror, a 5 ml jadore parfum, a 1 ml jadore sample, a radiance booster pen, a 0.07 oz powder mono eyeshadow, and a dior addict ultra gloss reflect(157, i think it's the new summer color).
  11. You're kidding me!! With all the money I spent the last couple of years in Dior make up / creams (and never saved the receipts because I didn't know even this existed!!) :crybaby:

    PS: no panicking... open only to US residents, so we get (*&^%$$) again in Europe.... oh, well, at least I don't have to start frantically looking for all receipts in the hope of finding something LOL!!
  12. Why didn't I bother to find out about this before??? I am a HUGE fan of Dior lipgloss. Do you have to take the receipts in to your nearest Dior store or can you just mail them out from your home???
  13. never heard of it but i want to be a part of it!!