Does anyone actually use their Spy!?

  1. I've seen a few posts from Spy owners who say that they don't actually carry their Spy bag(s)! I'm sure everyone have their reasons. I'm just curious as to WHY!?:confused1:

    I've seen one post where the poster said she just likes to see it in her closet or something and another who said that she doesn't carry hers cos there are some questionable looking people on the subways (I totally understand!)... I'm expecting to have mine by the end of the week and who knows, I might feel the same way as these ladies.

    Long story short, do you actually carry your Spy? If not, why? And how often? Daily? Special occasions only?...
  2. I have a white one and I used it all summer long.
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    hmm.. that's interesting to know! I'd be interested in replies to this too!
  4. I've had mine for a month - and haven't used it yet:shame:
    No particular reason - except I really don't want to carry it at work, or to the supermarket, or it's been raining....
    Maybe I'm one of those 'closet' girls - I just like knowing it's there, ready for me to pick it up anytime!
  5. I have a honey colored baby spy and I just used it yesterday :graucho:

    I use it probably once every week or two and only in good weather. Its not an everyday bag and I don't take it to bars or anyplace it could get damaged or dirty. But I think if you're going to spend that kind of money on a bag, you should use it! :yes:
  6. Hi.

    I rarely use it anymore because the coin purse/dangly bits get in my way all the time.

    I think Fendi was thinking more of design rather than function with this purse.

    Don't get me wrong, I love it, but the "Spy" pieces are not really functional.

    The cap on the "tube" part keeps flipping open, so you can't safely store anything in there. The only things that would fit are rolled up money or a lighter and a's too flat to accomodate a regular lipstick case., but might fit a lipsmacker gloss tube.

    I've put my cel phone in the coin purse part, and it's stayed safe, but the purse has a tendency also to pop open. I'm glad I haven't lost the cel!

    And, unless you buy a purseket or have your stuff in separate pouches, everything sits in the bottom middle of the purse and you have to dig.

    I don't want to bum you out, but this is just my experience.

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    skelly - I definitely appreciate such an honest opinion!
  8. I brought my spy in black from Nordstroms about 2 weeks ago and I carried it only 3 times so far. I agree with Kate 79 I would carry it only in good weather.
  9. I carry mine all the time. And that's saying a lot, because I have quite an amazing collection of bags, if I may say so myself :nuts: . And despite all the competition my spys have from other bags in my closet, I carry my spys regularly, including today.

    When I went on a 2 week vacation to Europe last Sept., I took my metallic spy and that's what I carried every single day on that trip, including on the plane rides. It's light, gorgeous, easy to carry, and roomy. I do have a small Balenciaga makeup bag that I put all smaller nick nacks, but I actually prefer doing that to storing all these in individual compartments in a bag. The makeup bag makes bag switches so much easier.

    I store my cell phone and business card case in the spy compartment. Since buying my first spy, I have not carried my Chloe Paddington even once. That one's collecting dust because it's too heavy and not as user friendly as my spy.
  10. Nah, every little bit helps! Don't even think about bummin' me out! That's so thoughful of you for that to even cross your mind:flowers:.

    I really appreciate your comments as well as everyone else's. I mean, I can't wait to actually have my bag in my possession! I just won the bag this Saturday and hopefully, it'll be in my hands by the end of the week or sooner. But, I really appreciate ALLLLLL the comments, good, bad and ugly:yes:
  11. I just got my Spy about two weeks ago but haven't used it yet. No particular reason.
  12. I love my spys, and I am one of those people that bring them out of the closet and "smile" at them. I do not use them all the time but keep them for special occasions or my holidays to the States.
    I have a Petrol and Cherry and they are stored with padding in them to keep their shape and in their dustbag.
  13. I have a Petrol and just got a Cognac. I use my Petrol with no hesitation. I do have bags that I only pull out for the most special occasions but not with the Spy. It's too funky and edgy for that, she needs to be seen.
  14. Well put, indeed. I have had many issues with the Spy, and I rarely carry either one of them. Although I love them very much, I find them to be completely impractical and not very well-made. It's a good thing that they were both gifts! I won't bore you with the details again (for those of you that may have read my previous posts), but I would never pay that much for one of those bags...though I wouldn't mind receiving another as a gift b/c they're fabulously exciting and beautiful.
  15. I'm just too scared that I might damage the bag!! Sounds crazy!
    I enjoy the smell and feel of the leather and want it to stay that way. I'm insane! I know!
    It's not at all practical and for me it's not a grab and go bag...the colors are wonderful and go with everything...I love my petrol to death, but it's so hard to get into.
    I don't want to scratch the leather or scuff it on anything. Geez..I can't imagine my nails scratching the outside of the bag or the leather brushing up against the car. LOLS! OMG! I need to get my head checked.
    To spend this kind of money on bags and not use them..lols..god help me.
    I should just sell them.