Does anyone actually own the Insectikas?

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  1. Setting aside the whole Saks fiasco with armadillos vs insectikas, has anyone actually purchased the real Insectikas and can comment on how comfortable they are?

  2. Sadly I don't actually own them... tried them on in Barney's NYC just yesterday. They're very VERY comfortable... would have bought them outright if they came in dark brown!! Nonetheless those beauties are definitely on my list!!!!
  3. At first, I decided to keep mine after the whole Saks fiasco. I don't find them comfortable but it's because of my inability to wear heels without a platform. I feel more comfortable in my Armadilos.

    I bought my usual size and they felt tight on me. I decided to exchange them for a half size up and will fit insoles when I get them.

    But I do feel that looks wise, they are very sexy IRL. I think the Insectikas sort of got lost in the Saks fiasco. I find them to be a very sexy take on black pumps.
  4. ^^I agree, I think they got lost in the fiasco and haven't gotten much attention. I've been ignoring them until javaboo pointed out in the celebrity thread that rihanna was wearing them and boy do they look AMAZING on her! very sexy indeed.

    raspberry - soo glad to hear they were at least comfortable for you, which means there's hope despite my gut feeling that they may not be so comfy.

    I hope more ppl own/try these and can chime in!
  5. I actually like them more now. Very unique.
  6. When I got mine I tried them on and wasnt impressed with them....didnt like them IRL
  7. They are very sexy. I like them a lot! I have no idea if I'd ever get them because I want other styles more, but it's cool how they are a cross between the Armadillo and the Decollete, a bit.
  8. I think LavenderIce or wantmore tried them on at the signing at Barney's BH. They were a raspberry color, beautiful! Definitely on my want list, in the raspberry color. Cute in black, but the reddish color shows the detail more. I also heard they were quite comfortable.
  9. Yeah, we did try it on and the leather was very soft. Here's a pic of wantmore modelling it in bordeaux:

  10. thank you! comfy & walkable? how would you compare them in comfort to other styles...?
  11. ^^Thanks, Lav! Everytime I see that picture I want the shoes!
  12. Ooh I love the raspberry color!!! Are they in stores yet? I need a pair!
  13. It does look really good in the red!

    I really like how it looks on Rihanna but I don't really want/need another black pump lol.
  14. I tried them on when I got them delivered. The leather was definitely very soft, but I honestly did not like this style.
  15. I love them in the raspberry!