Does anybody who is medium tall have a 25cm kelly?

  1. I just saw this size in real life..Do you think the size is goofy looking or great on a tall thin person?
  2. No I don't think so. It might be a little small for everyday bag if you are very tall. I think it is very nice for evening time. :yes:
  3. It's not a bag to use on a busy day but it's cute.

    I don't use mine for formal evening, but I do use it for what I refer to as trashy cocktail parties, where you have to do the kissy-kissy, drink champagne and be seen.

    And just for your guidance I'm about 5'5" - 5'6", size 6.
  4. ^ I'm the same size as Wong and have tried a few in sellier and plan on buying a white one when white comes back in a good leather. Looked fine.
  5. jedimaster, I feel it would look great on you! If you wear it with the shoulder strap, it will hang and be nice and long and match up with your beautiful height.

    I wear mine this way, all the time.
  6. a 25 kelly is perfecly fine and i am tall a 25 birkin is another story oy vey
  7. :upsidedown:
    you silly girl lilach,

    i am 5'3" and shaped like a meatball on the slim side.
    i feel most pretty carrying my 25 birkin
    my 40 birkin, used as a work tote is a bit overwhelming for me, i feel rounder.
    i feel pretty using my 20 kelly messenger style (I add H scarf to strap for length).
    more to come....!!! to be continued!!!!!!!
  8. :lol: no but seriously i think the kelly just looks pretty and precious in small sizes and can be carried by anyone but the 25 birkin i tell you it looked like stole barbies tote or that i washed my birkin to hot (but it looks cute on anyone smaller then gargantuan :upsidedown:
  9. I think a 25 Birkin looks totally daft on me, and I'm hardly gargantuan.

    I've always said it looks like I stole my niece's bag to use. :p
  10. Agreed, the Kelly in smaller sizes is cute. Not a fan of the 25cm Birkin. It looks like a shrinky-dink.
  11. Were you planning to use it for evening affairs?
  12. I like them for evening... lovely.
  13. I have never seen a 25 Kelly, I've tried a 25 Black Lizard Birkin and it just looks odd as well.

    Would be cool if someone would post modeling pics with a 25 Kelly, I'm curious.
  14. Yes, I agree the 25 birkin doenst work for most people, me included, although it looks great on a very petite person. I am thinking about the 25 sellier kelly in chevre, as a work-to-evening bag, and for what you wongnumber so aptly describe as the "kissy kissy drink champagne thing" where need you hands free to hold drink in one and shake hands and hand out business cards in the other. However, its very expensive. The issue for me is, is this something I could use during the day (granted not every day) as I wouldnt really spend this much for a completely limited use type of bag. Although I suppose, it would be more likely to be used than a kelly pouchette clutch I suppose, but the latter is half the price.

    Is the 28 too large for the "kissy kissy drink champagne" thing? Maybe a little. What do you think.
  15. 28 cm Kelly is perfect for dinner or informal cocktail party...might be slightly large for kissy-poo champagne events???

    I have 3 (or 4 depending on count) 28 cm Kelly bags...hmmm...would try a 25 cm for evening...

    Small Kelly bags have totally different vibe/proportions than small Birkin... Love the 28 Kelly, but the 25 cm Birkin and 28 cm HAC bags look dinky on me...too small, HAC handles are too "dainty" on me in small size...