Does anybody wear the shoulder strap of the Roxbury with an Pochette Azur?

  1. Next week i'm invited to an Cocktail Party by LV. I'll buy there my Roxbury and i think also an Azur Pochette Accessoires. I think, that i may wear the shoulder strap of the Roxbury wiht the Pochette?! Is anybody doing that??:confused1: Thanks for your answer!:heart:
  2. I don't have it but it sounds like a great idea.
  3. Thank you dcooney, i think really that's a good idea!! The normal strap of the Pochette is tooo short for me (also with the keyholder), i don't like it, when de bag is to "tight" under my arms!
  4. Have a great time at the party. What color bag are you going to get?
  5. Thank you very much! I get 3-4 invitations every year and i like it very much to go to this nice events with Champagne an finger food!!!:yes:
    I think i'll go for the noisette. I like all the 3 colours, but perle is sooo sensitiv, and i am afraid of colour transfer! I'll have a look at all the 3 colours and i'm looking forward to see the Roxbury "live" and all the people with their Louis Vuitton bags.
  6. atlantique, sounds like fun, hope you enjoy yourself...and your new goodies :smile:

    Does anyone know how long the strap is on a Roxbury?
  7. Found it on another thread, length is 22.5 inches if anyone is interested :smile: