Does anybody watch "There and Back"

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  1. Do you watch the MTV reality show There and Back. I've been a fan of Ashley since O Town; I was so happy for him on today's episode. I felt like crying when he first heard his song on the radio; but his girlfriend gets on my nerves with her stupid chores. I think he's trying so hard to make it and she just worries about him taking out the trash and so forth. Today she got on my nerve when she walked out of the restaurant and left him there; I think she's always trying to make him feel bad.

    What do you'll think.
  2. Never heard of any of OTown's songs since they're a boy band (gag, sorry). I've caught glimpses of it and happened to see that part yesterday...I would have yelled at him to get back in his &*#@ car and drive! Ha! But, that's just me. I'm impatient but at least he was happy.
  3. I have never heard of OTown but I've seen the show & I feel so much for Ashley...I wanted to buy some of his songs on iTunes but he's not listed at all...I hope he makes it!
  4. Ive seen it a couple of times.. his wife annoys me!!! she is wierd looking also.My friends,and I always make fun of her..Her face looks wierd.. The show is sort of stupid..then again MTV gives anyone a tv show.. I love Meet the Barkers though =D
  5. Yeah, I think she is a total *****. Unsupportive, whiney, ugh. I just want to reach into the TV screen and wring her neck. :evil:
  6. what about her annoying baby talk??? I feel like when she's nice she's fake and when she's mean she's showing her true colors. He always seems totally tense and scared of her.

    I feel like she got pregnant as a means to hold onto/control him and now she's stuck with a kid and she doesn't seem the least bit maternal to me
  7. Exactly--I feel sorry for him.
  8. I find this show awfully boring.
  9. He could do soooo much better:smile:
  10. I love that show. I think it is better than the last season of Jess & Nick's show. I can't wait for his CD to come out. He such a hottie who is in badly need of a haircut!
  11. I think he's baby-face hot, but I don't like how a lot of his lines seemed to have spoken just for the camera...
  12. i second that!
  13. i used to like some of oTown's songs but i can't believe ashley turned out that way now!!His wife is UGH !#$#$^%&%^$@$@# unbearable..simply unbearable..he would do better without her..she's not helping him,but i think his career was over maybe partly because of her..she's not even pretty..the worst part is she's so unsupportive!!!!!!
  14. Do you think his girlfriend's mother dresses sleazy? Whenever she is on camera she is wearing something very tight and showing a lot of boob IMO!