Does anybody watch Project Runway?

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  1. :nuts: I love this show!
  2. Yep! Great show! I really liked what Chloe came up with for Nick. Very nice.
  3. The second season hasn't reached Sweden yet, but I loooved the first one! Kara Saun was my favorite all the way until the end when she turned a little *****y.. Though I'm not surprised, I would be *****y under all that pressure as well. Couldn't stand Wendy :sick:
  4. I watched it religiously last season. I've only caught a few episodes here and there this time around.
  5. I have watched it a few times. It is the kind of show I'm better off watching when all the episodes are aired back-to-back for an entire day.
  6. I really love Chloe and Daniel V. They both seem like really down-to-earth, smart designers who don't rely on gimmicks. Santino made a strong showing at first but ultimately I don't see a vision.

    Poor Nick! Aww.
  7. Yeah, that's what I can catch all in one day!
  8. I agree. Either of those two should win it!
  9. Yes I love it !
  10. Avid fan. Don't crucify me, but I love Santino and want him to win.
  11. Yes I watch. I missed it last week and this week though. Gotta catch up with the rebroadcast.
  12. i'm definately a fan of chloe and daniel v, and nick was so good at first but i just wasn't feeling his last few things.
  13. Daniel V. is goin all the way....I would have worn all of what he made for the runway...what did everyone think of what he made for chloe? the judges bashed it but I thought it was nice...I didn't see what everyone hated about it. Anyone...shine some light on this for me :smile:
  14. I think it would've been great on a girl who was taller and thinner. Not quite right for Chloe's body type.
  15. Daniel V. is my fav, and my pick to win!!

    I also loved Daniel Franco, but he was clipped!!