Does anybody want to gain a little weight instead of loosing.


Mar 6, 2006
I'm probably one of those rare individuals that don't mind a little more meat on my bones. Im 5'4-119 pounds--I have a nice figure, but I would love to be about 125-130 pounds. Of course working out so that it wouldn't turn into fat.

Is anybody like me. I loose weight easily--specially since I found this website--I can't get away from it and still have not eaten anything today-there goes about 2 pounds.
I just feel the need to exercise a bit more, but I'm not really trying to lose anything or gain anything. Just feel a bit more healthy -- easy to get out of the habit of doing real walks and breathing in the real, fresh air. (I end up hurrying from building to building). Glad Spring is almost here!
haha, for me at 93 lbs but i'm only 4 feet 11, i don't need to loose weight, but i do need to tone up! i'm getting a little softy.
aww, good luck packing on the pounds! :-P

Lately I'm not obsessed with weight, I'm taking it to a whole new level and I've been thinking more about eliminating any excess body fat and replacing it with lovely toned muscle. Think...softcore fitness model. :-P

PS. aww, Fayden- I'm jealous. I always wanted to be really tiny like you! I used to know this girl who was 4'11" she was adorable! I'm 5'5" ( about 127 lbs. ick) which is horribly average. :-P that word is my curse!
I do not need to gain weight, but I don't need to lose anymore weight. I actually have to make sure I get on the scale to make sure I'm not losing anything!! It is a pain, but I shouldn't weigh any less than I do now.

Like many of you I would like to tone up more though. I used to be a hard core athlete, and lately I've been slacking way too much!
Theres are supplements at any health food store, that are weight gainers, it is mostly used by bodybuilders to gain bulk to turn into muscle. Its really high in carbs and calories and of course contains protein, its a shake. I would only suggest that though if you are going to work out with it so you don't get really flabby. Personally I think you are just fine the way you are now.
Dani said:
PS. aww, Fayden- I'm jealous. I always wanted to be really tiny like you!

oh sometimes it's a pain being this small. i have the tiniest feet. sometimes i'm a size 4.5 a 5 if i'm lucky. finding shoes are so super hard. and everything i get in pants have to be tailored and i can't wear anything unless it's a petite extra small (PXS)

it's really hard finding anything that fits me well. :evil:
oh and rings? i never find rings that fit my fingers. usually the smallest is a size 4 in tiffany's, size 5 elsewhere, i'm a 3.5 GAH!!!