does anybody use their imaginations to create the perfect lv bag for themselves?

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what magical lv bag would you buy?

  1. White denim

  2. Different colored ambre

  3. Wiggly inclusion

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. haha long title.
    but im serious
    in a thread, i almost typed "white" denim mini pleaty!
    wouldn't that be something??
    id buy that in a heartbeat.
    sutff like that happens to me all of the time, like i think of monogram inclusion with
    lvs and flowers that actually wiggle around.
    and a monogram ambre pochette that is actually turquoise, and it has a golden bow.
    anybody else create their own lvs in their mind?
  2. None of these options....but I dream of a tote with more dividers and pockets.
  3. my imagination takes it too extravagant sometimes. thats why i love miroir, mc, and the sac fermoir. they are all so different.
  4. I'm pretty much new to LV, so right now, its so fun discovering the discontinued purses that I missed out, and can't wait for more new lines, and honestly, I have no imagination to create a perfect bag. I admire those who are artistic. I'm musically artistic, but that's about it!
  5. me too (the music thing) if you like discontinued purses, take a look at all of spring 2004. some people say that that was one of the best times to get an lv. and thats not just me speaking!
  6. i dreamt about a damier bh the other night. sigh. it was just lovely.
  7. i bet. i wonder what it would look like in azur?
  8. same here, none of those choices you've posted up appeal to me... in MY OPINION (no attacks please!:biggrin:) blue, pink and green denim seem to be a downhill spiral already, I think the white will only contribute to the helical structure.....:confused1: My only wish is: MORE CC slots for the framboise vernis FP! Svp!!
  9. what about black?

  10. oooooh!!! black! that I like!!!! lol YESSSSS!!!!!
  11. Ok, this may sound so cheesy to some of you, but I thought it would be kind of cool if LV came out with a different color monogram or damier canvas....for instance, black canvas but with silver/grey LV's/damier squares with vachetta handles (I'm picturing a speedy by the way) or a deep plum canvas with either the silver/grey or the current gold/tan color LV's. That's about it....I don't think LV will hire me to design bags anytime :nuts: soon! Ha-Ha!!
  12. oomg i thought about different color monograms too!! i wish we could design our own bags with lvs stamp on them. i just want to spice up the brown and gold.
  13. I could see a charcoil denim purse, with silver hardware. But that's probably been done before right! :shame: Not just charcoil, but do you know how dark jeans are made now right, well a denim purse to match would be fun. Hey I'm imagining lol.

    I could see the LVs being silver. I love this combination, actually no pink on it. As it would take away from the LVs.
  14. hooray! i would buy that bag...
  15. yay. somebody voted for white denim!