Does anybody use the vintage multicompartment traincases to organize makeup?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone else uses these!:P

    I love these traincases! I have 7 of them and use them for makeup, tools, school supplies and much more!

  2. How funny, I have 2 of those from my Grandmother. They are so old, but so chic. I may store my stuff in them someday. I love my caboodles traincase though, it is my mini makeup artist.
  3. Yay! :yahoo: I do this too! I have an awesome red traincase that I found at an antique shop about 5-6 years ago, and I keep ALL my makeup in it (believe me, it's packed full!)
  4. funny mine is red and I have a blue one too.. its so old..oh and hey.. whats wrong with shopping at Macy's? I love Macy's
  5. My best friend and I used to go to the thrift shops about 20 years ago in Palm Beach and she started collecting these. She has somme really fancy ones that came with crystal decanters to put your lotions in. I bet some of them are worth good money today. She never used one but has them for decorative display around her house.
    My daughter has one for her treasures.....
  6. you just reminded me that i have one of these sitting in my basement! will have to dig it out :P.
  7. I love these vintage cases - they are so very retro cool. I have two red train cases from Nordies (one small and one big) and a cool caboodle case....of course all plump full, but now I want this....I am going out on Ebay now! Good thread!:tup:
  8. We used to have the exact same kind in avocado green when I was little. I think my mom used it for sewing supplies. They are really chic, but I need something bigger :hrmm:

    I just busted one of the dividers in my traincase, so I'm looking for an attractive replacement that will hold a *ton* of makeup and won't break the bank... VERY hard to find! :sad:
  9. Its a Chicago thing....they took over a very historic store
  10. I think my mom had a green one....