Does anybody use the shoulder support on the shoulder strap?

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  1. Apologies if this is a repeat post but I was wondering if anybody uses the Shoulder Support on the detatchable Shoulder Strap. From looking at your photos in the different threads it looks as thought lots of you take them off?
  2. I do - but I'm kinda "retro" that way ;)
  3. The so-called 'Thingy'? Lol, no I don't, but only because with it on the strap wouldn't stay on my shoulder.
  4. How funny I was thinking that VERY SAME THING today after I took my First out for the first time. It was comfortable but slipped every so often and then I remembered seeing that Gisele B. had taken her thingy off her FBF. So I came home and did a search on taking off this so-called shoulder thingy and lots of PFers take them off - carefully. I'm going to try taking it off today. If I can't - and I'm a little freaked about all the tugging involved - I'm just going to push it to the back of the strap so that it's still there but not on my shoulder. Good Luck! :flowers:
  5. I also took the strap off my city, since I do not use it and it is just added weight. I tried using it once while carrying a tray of food and soda. To make the long story short, the bag slipped off my shoulder, which caused my arm to buckle, and you guessed it: The soda fell on the floor which made quite a big mess. Thank goodness my food stayed on the tray!
  6. argh. that shoulder pad thingy makes it even harder for the bag to stay on the shoulder. i wished balenciaga would just omit that from their design.
  7. Bellenuit - the flat-brass classiques didn't have the "thingy" so Gisele didn't do anything out of ordinary.
    On my classique, I just push the thingy all the way back on the strap - I like it as a design element, and it's out of the way :yes:
  8. I don't use the strap, I hold my bags on my arm and just let it dangle!!:graucho:
  9. I do use the shoulder strap
  10. Nope, like others, I push it down to one end of the strap. Haven't tried to take it off yet, though.
  11. I immediately take it off of my Box and City style bags, and leave it on my First styles. I use it on my Box and City's when I am going to be out and carrying them for long period of time. The bags do fit on my shoulder with just the handles too.
  12. Great thread!... Mine are always slipping off my shoulder, so I'm going to remove the thingy and give it a try.
  13. I use it on my Messenger, but I wear the strap cross-body, so slipping off isn't an issue.
  14. i remove the thingy as well
  15. Any tips on removing the thingy? For those who've done it, you know the bale width is wider than the leather hole. I really want the thingy off because it makes the strap slip and I don't like the look of it pushed off to one end.