Does anybody use SK II?

  1. I've stopped using it but I can feel the difference now. My skin isn't as soft as it used to be when I was using it =(

    But they say that your skin gets "addicted" to whatever product you were using and depends on it. I hope this isn't the case eeeek!

    I wish I were still using it but 1. I'm still young. I can start early but this is waay too early and 2. it's expensive. =(
  2. I totally agree about it being expensive. I went to a department store SKII counter and asked about different products. Their whitening masks (a small pack of like 4 i think?) was almost NT3000!! That's about USD100. I had to tell the saleswoman I'd "think" about it and "come back later." :lol:
  3. Oh, I've wanted to try SKII for a while. I'm using Shiseido right now, and I really like it. Does SKII have good eye creams?
  4. Me! And it's really really effective.
  5. I finally found time to go get my facewash. It wasn't too bad. Just like $50 USD for a huge huge bottle. You're supposed to use dimesize per wash anyways so it'll last me for about 3 months. I have the pitura essence water, eye cream, and night & day cream. Saks actually has good deals. They give full size bottle of night essence cream if you spend $300. That one gift cost like over $100 itself so it's worth it. =) I felt it work overnight cause I was breaking out due to my hormones. I love it.

    I used to use shishedo but it didn't really help my skin much. It felt clean but I didn't see any improvement.
  6. you know you're a junkie when you see this post and wonder why someone posted about the sidekick 2 in the make-up forum...
  7. SK II is really expensive, but it is a huge hit amongst Japanese people... so I'm guessing it's good.
  8. LOL. i was thinking the same thing! hahahha i was like huh??? never even heard of such a product..... i mean the make up not the sidekick.
  9. i bought the whole range only to find out that the products doesn't suit me. what a waste! so i gave them to my mum.
  10. I have their whitening masks and use it about onces every two-four weeks (basically whenever I can find the time to stay still and pamper myself) but I use Shiseido for everyday cleansing.

    To tell you the truth, I dont really understand all the hype about SKII. The masks are ok and I wouldn't say they are extraordinary maybe because I haven't found much of a difference using the masks (it could be because I'm pretty pale as it is).:blink: I prefer going to a spa and get facials insteads because I can actually feel a difference in skin texture.

    However, my bf :love: seems to thinks its really good for the skin and buys it for me anyways. He's from HK and I guess SKII is pretty popular there and I was born and raise in a little city in Canada so I really dont know much about this prodct line until he told me about it.
  11. I know this brand is really popular in Asia, but my friend tried it and she said she didn't really see a difference. I'm still curious about it though. I may try it once I use up the stuff I'm currently using.
  12. When I took a tour of Japan through a Hong Kong tour company, the tour guide told us that according to the advertisements in HK (I cannot read chinese), they say use one mask daily for 28 days for super effects. Each mask is like $10!!! When I read the instructions in English, I believe it is once a week. I did have a nice little glow from using the mask though.
  13. I have been hearing great things about it and I am so tempted to try it. My mom has started using it and I might go for it if it is great
  14. I started using the cleansing oil a while back. I kind of like it but I always change my beauty products. I guess it's just because when I don't see a really big difference I go and try something new. But I think the oil is pretty good it can work as a make up remover and it makes my skin soft. Then again a lot of other products could do that.
  15. i've heard from a couple of SKII friends that their whitening products are not good for your skin. apparently, they damage the layers under your skin to produce the translusent whitening effect.
    and yes their products can get addictive, because if you have been using their facial products for a long period of time and decide to stop using them, you will notice your skin being duller and worst than before you have started using their products.