Does Anybody Remember the Buns of Steel Series?

  1. Do any of you remember the Buns of Steel Series that was out in the late 80s and early 90s that were some hardcore target training exercise videos for the buttocks, legs and thighs? They progressed to abs and arms later on and if you used them, they worked.
    Has anybody thought to drag out these old video tapes and convert them onto a DVD and use them allover again not only for a good laugh but to target those areas of concern again? LOL
  2. Yes, I used them and they worked wonders for me. I tihnk they actually do have them on DVD--I saw them somewhere. I am def not in the physical shape or state of mind to be that disciplined at thsi point in time.
  3. Oh yes! I remember them well! Besides them, I used a bunch from "The Firm". I used to really enjoy those tapes.
  4. I used the Firm is so cheesy and so 80's!!!!
  5. I have the entire The Firm collection. LOL. I'm just not the in mood for them anymore. I'd rather run.
  6. That's so funny, because I was just thinking about them yesterday! I started doing pilates, and it's the first time I've used an exercise "tape" (well, the pilates are on DVD) since the years that I used Buns and Abs of Steel.
  7. I did The Firm tapes too. They really worked. I was buff in those days!
  8. YEAH! Tamilee Webb was my homegirl:lol:
  9. I used to have all the ones by Denise Austin too! I was such an exercise addict in those days!
  10. They are completely out of style. That's for sure. Sometimes you need a laugh. I turn the sound OFF when I use them and turn on my IPOD. I use them when I feel like I need to target my thunder thighs or one of my areas of concern. God that's all of my body. - LOL

    Sometimes, it's just funny to take a trip back to the day.

    Tammie Lee Webb is still around too. I think she has some new stuff out AND a website. Oh dear :supacool: