Does anybody own this Prada Croc style? please post pic if yes!

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  1. Does anybody share my love for this Prada crocodile in pink or blue? I saw the model Carmen Kass backstage with it in light brown color on, it was soooooo perfect. This style was issued last spring, but why haven't I seen them popping up anywhere -- not on eBay, not on celebrities, not here???!!! I am sure it cost an arm and leg, the reason why it is not as commonplace as other IT bags, but if any of you lucky ones out there has it, please post pictures so we can all drool! :yes:
  2. Wow that's a hot bag- maybe it never went into production? Because not all runway bags are actually produced and sold- just look at LV's fall 2006 Miroir line- they showed a Noe but it won't be available. KWIM?
  3. Could be. Love the color, not crazy about the way she is carrying it.
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