Does anybody own this bag? (HH)

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  1. Okay, I'm still stuck on this and can't push the button on yet another Hayden-Harnett bag. (I've become obsessed, as you've probably gathered)

    Sorry, still can't do pictures, but here is the link:
    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Item Detail

    My question is...Does the flap get in the way of making it easily accessible? It looks soft enough that I'm thinking it might just stay back easily, but want to know if this is NOT the case. I'm constantly in and out of bags, and usually prefer ziptop ones. Also, I seem to be stuck on the pewter, but will this metalics phase be over soon? Really, that's secondary with me, as the first question is more what I'm wondering.

    Is this heavy? Okay, I'm done with the questions, and I promise I'm going to get off my H-H obsession soon, or at least quit bugging you all with it. :smile:
  2. Metallic bags, particularly silver and pewter, are still in for S/S '07. :yes:

    Designers like Fendi, Marc Jacobs (and Marc by Marc Jacobs) and Burberry Prorsum showed them. :biggrin:
  3. The bag is light... the flap isn't TOO annoying... sometimes i left it unzipped and just let it flop over to keep it closed.
  4. Do you like (love) it? I hope so, cause I just caved. :smile: All I wanted was just a little push, and I ordered it. My credit card is going to be *smoking* because the three HH bags I've ordered just scratch the surface of what I've charged on that little card this month. Everything else is for Christmas, and therefore for somebody besides my own purse-buying self. I have just been thinking and trying not to like this bag, but in the end, I just did love it and I was weak. :shame:

    Thanks, chloehandbags for your input on the pewter question. I though I had seen or heard about Marc Jacobs - but couldn't remember for sure if it was the 2007 collection.
  5. Congrats. I don't have this style, but I did get a pewter salina pouch from the sample sale (online). The color is very pretty and a nice metallic neutral. Please let us know how you like your nico when it arrives.
  6. Congrats, Rowanoak! I own one HH handbag in the Lorca Flap in luggage! And I got a cosmetic pouch and coin purse! (coin purse was free for taking a survey!) Great choice and I like that color! Please let us know what you think when you get it!
  7. I love the Salina pouch. Is it as pretty (or prettier?) in real life as it looks in the pictures? I just think these HH bags are dead good-looking. I especially liked the Salina pouch, but passed on it for a reason I can no longer remember. If has gotten rave reviews in articles I've read. Do you like yours? :smile: And yes, I'll let you know about the Nico when it arrives.
  8. I LOVE that bag! Haven't seen it in person though grrr... POST PICS!
  9. I like almost every single HH leather bag! I already have one Ana in black, one Ana in chocolate, and one Thalia in chocolate at hand. Tomorrow I'll receive my Lorca Luxe and Mercer satchel, both in luggage! Can't wait to get them!

    Really can't explain seems that I am sort of out of control on HH bags. Their design just fits my style so well that I feel they make bags that I can simply sling onto my shoulder no matter what I choose to wear that day. I'm also a fan of Mulberry and kooba, but somehow I don't feel the same way towards those two...