Does anybody own the Chanel Bowling Bag?

  1. I'm thinking about getting it. I just wanted to know whether it's not too small and how it fits on your shoulder?
  2. Which bowling bag are you referring to? The cambon or the luxe?

    The cambon fits a lot, is a decent size but it does not stay on my shoulders. Its cute though!

  3. Yes, the cambon. Is it because the straps are too short that it doesn't stay on your shoulders?
  4. No...its more like they are too far apart on the bag...I guess you could have it on your shoulders if you had some weight in the bag and squished it against your body while carrying it. I have seen some women carry it on their shoulders, to me it wasn't that comfortable. I would still recommend getting it though, it is one of my faves from the Cambon line.

  5. Oh ok. Thanks for the tip!

    As long as the bag is able to be worn on the shoulders, it's good for me. I get very frustrated when I use a bag that has to be kept on my arm.:push:
  6. The new straps on the updated cambon called the cotton club are heavier chain and leather woven so they will probably stay on much better. You should consider that one instead. I had the cambon bowler and because the bag is so light and the straps are so far apart and light, they do tend to fall down.
  7. I had the black cambon bowler but sold it. now i have a pink one with black cc's to match my cambon ballet flats.

    the straps do not stay. they just don't. and the bag is awkward under my arm. but i have kept my pink one just because it matches my shoes. but i never use it.

    however! it does hold A LOT! it's very roomy.
  8. I have a black cambon with the white CCs. I LOVE IT !:love: :love:

    The straps are long enough that it can stay on your shoulders depending on your body type. You just need to push it behind you, kwim ???
  9. I had a cambon bowler and it was an awesome bag. I would carry it on my shoulders but behind my arm, not underneath it. It worked perfectly.:love:
  10. hmmm i had a brown cambon bowler and i thought it fitted perfectly.. i used it everyday! :yes:
  11. I love my black cambon bowler and find it to be a perfect fit on the shoulder. It's one of my favorite everyday bags.