Does anybody own anything from Heidi Klum's jewelry collection?

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  1. I think her clover jewelry is really cute! I'm kinda interested in a pair of earrings and a necklace. What do you think about her stuff?
  2. I have a heidi klum clover necklace in sterling. I think it's about 36 inches long, very versatile. I love it, I've worn it many times and gotten lots of compliments. I always double it and wear it closer to the neckline. QVC has a lot of heidi's jewelry, tho they're not always in stock. I have no complaints about mine.
  3. hi,
    just wanted to tell you that i ordered the clover style hoops from qvc a few months ago(but they were backordered and it took several weeks). i ordered both the sterling and the gold-plated(18k?). and they were darling, just darling, BUT i had to send them back as they, especially the silver, were VERY heavy on the ear. they were very well made and i totally adored them but i am into comfort and darn it, couldn't imagine them being comfortable for a long wear. i'd love to see the necklace texasgirl mentioned...i bet it's great!

  4. Hi toriajj!

    That's great to know! I was just thinking about getting the hoop earrings and I did have a concern about the weight on the ears when wearing them. Now I know! Thanks! Also, I agree with the necklace that Texas Girl has and might consider them.
  5. love it!
  6. Here's the link to my necklace. It is so cute and light and also very feminine irl. lvbabydoll has one, too. I think she has even posted a pic of hers in the lv forum somewhere.

    Well, forget the link. It won't take you to the right place, so here's the item number if you go to It is item J5048. I haven't bought very much jewelry from qvc, but this piece is totally worth the price.

  7. That's the one I have :yes:

    It's adorable and has never tarnished at all. The chain is pretty strong too, sometimes I accidentally yank it because it's so long, but it has never broken.
  8. I just looked it up and it seems like the collection is much inspired by the Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra collection? I noticed the jewelry she was wearing when presenting Project Runway and thought she had a deal with VC&A :smile:
  9. here's the photo

    very cute!

    product info
    Heidi Klum Sterling 37" Clover Station Necklace

    Retail Value $115.00
    QVC Price $79.75
    Shipping and Handling $4.97

  10. Thanks everybody!

    I DO like the 37" necklace more than the rolo chain clover necklace. Question: What tops work with the 37" necklace? I have 16" necklaces that I can wear with pretty much everything top, but I've never owned a necklace like this one even though I know you're supposed to wrap it twice around your neck. I just can't imagine what it would look like. Oh, I also really love the drop earrings but they're only on waitlist at QVC. Worth the wait?:shrugs:
  11. Has anybody bought anything new lately? Heidi Klum just came out with new jewelry pieces on QVC. Any one see the showcase on QVC on TV? Opinions?
  12. I bought the necklace that had the three different satin cords but returned it. It was cute but reminded me alot of my Tiffany Quadifoglio pendant that I already owned.
  13. Gorgeous! Love the doubling up idea! :tup:
  14. i don't like her line...i just think it's a knock off from VC& A
  15. TG, thanks to you and LV Baby Doll's great posts I got this beauty today! :yahoo: It's PERFECT doubled up!! Thank's the last of my "pre re-employment" gifts to myself...I think. :graucho: