Does anybody own an item in the Dark Berry color?

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  1. I really want the dark berry skinny wallet. The color looks great online, but I know Coach's colors can sometimes be misleading. Does anybody own an item in that color and if so, would you be willing to post some pics in different kinds of light?
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  2. I am curious too. The dinky in dark berry has been reduced in the sale and the color looks gorgeous online...
  3. I don't own anything in this color but I've seen the Charlie carryall in this color & its beautiful. The pic of the Charlie online is accurate. It's a deep raspberry color. The Charlie is particularly pretty as it has glitter edge, which IMO is always a plus.
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  4. I have dark berry in the party mouse print. It's very pretty! It's dark and rainy today but I did my best. Here it is by the window with no flash and flash:
    And here it is on the kitchen table with an overhead light on, no flash and flash:
    I know this has print on it, but the background is called dark berry.
  5. Sorry to have taken so long to take a picture.

    Here’s a couple more pieces in dark berry: Charlie in dark berry and phone wallet in dark berry with crystal appliqué.
  6. Thank you all for the pictures! The color is very nice, but lighter than the wallet appears online. I would rather have had it that darker color so I'll skip out on the wallet. Thanks again!
  7. 080E8AE4-7BC3-4A09-AC52-FEAB6F310016.jpeg
    Hello is this the dark berry you just purchased ? Thanks
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  8. Yes, this is the one.
  9. Thank you so much
    I just ordered it
    Does it look metallic in real life
  10. It's only metallic on the inside. The outside is pebbled leather. The edge coating on the handles is glittery and really pretty.
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  11. IMG_0442.JPG I own this little guy in dark berry.
  12. Thanks the picture online looks very glittering which I hope not
    I’m getting my delivered tommorow
    Cannot wait
    I ordered 2 color dark berry and dark green
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  13. Has anyone seen and compared the old color, Cyclamen, to Dark Berry? They kind of remind me of each other in pictures and in the way they are hard to capture. I've only seen Cyclamen in person.
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  14. I’ve not seen the two compared but I am intrigued. Dark berry is such a yummy colour.
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  15. I was just looking at google images of the two, and they do appear to be very, very similar. As I would think the pictures would capture the color in the same way--so if they look the same in images, in person they must too.
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