Does anybody own a MC Pochette MM or GM?

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  1. If so, can you please post pics????
  2. I know Michelle1025 has the GM...but I too would like to see more pics, I love this pouch!
  3. i've got the MM, here it goes....
  4. Michelle... Is the GM much bigger than your MM? TIA
  5. I saw those in the boutique! Too cute!
  6. I love that too ... so cute:heart:
  7. Thanx for posting. I really appreciate it. Can I use it as a clutch or is it more like a small wallet?
  8. I think the GM is as twice as big as the MM.
  9. Hi Michelle, do yo have a picture of your pochette????
  10. thanks for posting!! Michelle and Priscilla...may I ask what you use you pochette for? I am considering getting one, not sure if I want MM or GM!:yes: TIA!
  11. Here's the black multicolore pochette. What's interesting about it is that it's a tad smaller than my cerises pochette. I use my pochettes inside a larger bag so I can get at things easier. Works like a charm!
  12. Thanks, Michelle....:yes:
  13. I have the pochette MM in black. It is replacing a Coach outlet key holder that wasn't quite large enough - $30 to $300, very sensible! The little pocket can hold credit cards as well as the large pocket. Very handy size! Love it.
  14. Hope this helps:
  15. Thank you Michelle. I love it!
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