Does anybody own a bakery?

  1. Out of plain curiousity. It seems like an fun job. I mean you get to bake cupcakes and cookies for a living lol. I don't know anybody personally that does so.. does anyone here own a bakery?
  2. Don't say the word CUPCAKES!!! It makes me too Nope, but if I did, I'd probably weigh
  3. We have a great friend who owns a bakery in the District of Columbia. It's called CakeLove and he's even been featured on the Food Network (a program where they help an up and coming business with their business plan/expansion). He also hosts/hosted a program on FN.
    It's a very popular bakery on U Street. According to our friend it's one of the busiest jobs ever but he LOVES it and wouldn't do anything else (He used to be a lawyer and left the field to start his business) We don't blame him. It's his Niche!
  4. I'm didn't used to be a huge fan of cupcakes but let me tell you.. I've had some cupcakes that have made me change my mine!
  5. I've always wanted to work at a bakery! :biggrin: It seems like such a fun job. I love decorating cakes hehe.
  6. I would never want to work in one! It is A LOT OF WORK. Hard work and long hours. You have to LOVE it to do it. We only visit our friends bakery once every couple of months maybe. We live in Northern Va and he's opening one here soon but I still won't go often. No way! I'd be as big as a cow! We do order items for special occasion however.
  7. i've seen him on FN. he is great!
  8. My dad owns one. He bought it late last year from his tenants. I have yet to taste the goods but I hear they're fantastic.
  9. I don't own one, but there is one literally 3 houses down from me and I know the owner. She says it's a very stressful job, especially when you have kids. She gets up every morning at 2am, goes to the bakery and bakes the rolls and cakes for the day, opens her store at 6 am, all the while still baking in the background.
  10. I used to own a bakery. You really do need to love your job and I thought I did until I had my own place. It is extremely hard work. Let's just say, I don't cook anymore.
  11. Nope I 've never owned a bakery.
  12. Several years ago at a dinner party I gave, someone offered to back me financially if I opened a bakery.

    I thought about it. Then I realized I would have to be up VERY early in the morning and I would look like a sofa in months.

    So I said no - very, very regretfully.

    I am a gal who has dreams of Paris-style chocolate cakes.
  13. It sounds riddiculously fun...I would love to one day, but I know it's a lot of work!
  14. I'm too lazy to own a bakery- I'd rather work at a boutique :p
  15. I don't own a bakery. I've worked in Starbucks where we had to deal with cookies and cupcakes.

    We didn't sit around eating them, but we could buy one at a discount or mark out the broken ones or sample them out.