Does anybody like the new Sherrie Sandals?

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  1. I've loved these since I saw them in the catalogue in December. It was a toss up between either them or and the Gracy sandal. But after injuring my leg, I can't think about standing on wedges. I really have no more pain but just the idea of them doesn't sit well with me. I've kinda gotten used to being flat on the ground all the time. Odd, coming from someone who used to live in heels.

    Do you girls think these shoes are true to size? I'm usually an 8 1/2-9 but it doesn't seem like these come in an 8 1/2 so do you think a 9 would be okay? I may just order online since they have free shipping until Valentine's day. I can't get to a boutique to try them on. Advice!!
  2. pics??
  3. Oh and also...this goes for anybody who owns a pair of Coach flip the thong uncomfortable? I have sensitive skin and I'm so used to wearing Old Navy flip flops which are really comfortable and squishy. Do you think the thong would irritate the insides of my toes?
  4. I'm at work so I can't add pictures :sad:
  5. [​IMG]

    They're cute!
  6. THEYRE SOOOO CUTE, i tried them on and they look adorable.

    Not really a coach fan but i like some of the stuff, and i LOVEEEEE this.

    My mom on the other hand found it "gaudy" :sad:
  7. yep in the gold
  8. They are super cute...I like the black
  9. Well, last night my friends wanted to go up to the Cheesecake Factory in the King of Prussia mall so I grabbed my Coach gift card and tried those hot mama's on. I got them in an 8 because the 9 seemed to be too big. The girls that were there helping me kept saying how adorable they were, and that they were becoming super popular, so if any of you ladies want them, get them now. They're apparently getting a ton of calls about them. I got them in the black and they're just TDF! My little sister and best friend hate them and say they're too gaudy, but I happen to adore them. They're different from anything I've ever had before. They'll look super cute with a mini skirt or a cute pair of denim capris!! I'll post pics later!!
  10. I think they're cute!

    Congrats on getting them, Lauren!

    I have the Lyndsay flip flops and they are super comfortable. More so than my Old Navy ones.
  11. Glad you could get the sandals! Could you take some pics of them? I might want to get some for myself now, lol!
  12. I love those!!! So cute! Congrats
  13. Sure, I'll def take some pics so you can see. I'm not sure how good they'll be, but I'll try my best. They should be up sometime later today.