does anybody like the dentelle line?

  1. I thought that this line would be the it bag of the season but I'm surprised to read that most of you don't like these bags. why?
  2. at first i thought it was ugly and didn't like it. but when i see it in person in is really nice.
  3. I love this is so beautiful in real's not practical for me..
  4. It's a matter of personal taste I guess. Much like the Perfo. Some took to it, some didn't. Personally I LOVE the dentelle!
  5. I LOVE it, it's gorgeous. It migt look a bit busy with a floral print on top of another floral rpint, but I think it works out well. Since the base is monogram canvas it won't really go out of style either.
  6. lol, good thread! I must confess i was not a dentell fan at all when i first saw it from the look book, but now that i've seen kristen and fersen's modeling's like Dentelle came alive for me! however that's the only two Dentelle i dig, still not a fan of speedy or bh.....
  7. I like the Dentelle line, mainly the Fersen. :biggrin:
  8. i didn't like the dentelle line at first....but as we speak 866 is tracking down a gold speedy for me. :nuts:

    the more i see it, the more i love it!
  9. I like the Dentelle line - it's a large step in Louis Vuitton creations.
  10. I don't like the Dentelle line because I don't like the darker leather -- the leather, along with the mono and the lace overlay, just way too busy for me.
  11. I'm one of those people who is not a fan. I haven't seen the line in person, but I'm thinking my opinion wouldn't really change that much. Just not my thing.
  12. I think it's CUTE but it's not for me b/c it looks girly. I'm more of the laid back type
  13. I did not care much for it at first but I do like it now.
  14. like? like?

  15. I like dentelle, it's just not something that I desperately want to buy.