Does anybody know.....

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  1. What bag this is???
    new bags 002.jpg
  2. Is that Vernis?
  3. Yes....I bought it about 5 years ago...before I was really into bags....I don't know anything about it...
  4. It must be limited edition. I saw someone on LJ had this in her collection. That was a long time ago though. Hopefully someone else will know. =)
  5. With just looking at the pic alone, I was thinking "It looks like it was made in 2001-ish..."
  6. Thanks would be nice to know something about, line, etc....!!!!
  7. Here are some pics

  8. I was just about to post those EXACT pics!!!

    Ayla was right... great minds think alike... ;)
  9. you need some infos because you plan to sell it?:nuts:
  10. I actually wasn't planning on it!!! More for just my own personal self!!!! But I will keep you in mind if you are interested!!!:smile:
  11. Yay...thanks...that's what I was looking for!!! I appreciate the infor LVbabydoll!!!
  12. You're welcome :smile:
  13. wow!! it really looks so fab! are you goin to sell it lolz:yes: :flowers: :P
  14. I want it! Are you going to sell it on eBay?
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