Does anybody know......

  1. What type of doctor to see for a pinched nerve in the back????? My husband fell :crybaby: and hurt his back while he was out of town on a business trip....the hospital told him that he may want to see a specialist when he gets home, but I don't know what type he needs to see. Any ideas:idea: ........
  2. Have him go to his general doctor and he could refer him somewhere else. And if this happened during a work trip, perhaps work comp?
  3. I'm almost certain he'd want to consult a Neurologist or an Orthopedic Specialist.
  4. ^^My insurance doesn't require a referral . . . it's a time waster to me and not to mention waste of a co-pay! LOL!
    If it were me and your insurance permits, go straight to the Specialist.
  5. I would go to an Othopedic surgeon.
  6. Thanks everyone....he slipped on pavement outside of the hotel lobby....they had just painted and it had rained, so it was very slick....apparently the paramedic almost fell as well....anyway, it was scary because I am here in Hk, and he is the the U.S..............Poor DH!!!!
  7. Oh no! I hope he's okay!
  8. Pretty sure he needs a Neurologist
  9. Anne I happen to be visiting my dad who had a PHD in health and physical education/therapy....He said that he should absolutely see his internist first and then see either a neurologist or orthopedist.
  10. Is an internist the same as his general practioner????? Sorry...I never go to the doctor (other than a gynecologist...and I had better not send him there!!), so I am not well versed in all the different types!!!!
  11. Yes Hon, general practitioner should be able to refer him to the proper orthpedist/neurologist.
  12. Any questions let me know Anne. My dad owned 3 sports physical therapy centers and wrote several books for Consumer Reports. He also was the head of the Health and physical education department at York College in Queens for 30 years....He's extremely modest (but I'm not). I always will do the best I can to help, though he just went to bed. Hope your DH is ok hon....
  13. I think that could be a good lawsuit.:yes: Like everyone else says, I would go to a general doctor first, then let them refer your husband.
  14. Have your general practitioner recommend either an orthopedist or a chiropractor.
  15. Thanks to the doctor he will go tomorrow! I hope he will be OK too....I hate that I am not there...apparently he is having a hard time even moving....although he is a man, and therefore unreliable in judging the amount of pain he might be in!!!! He whines for a week about geting a shot!!!!