Does anybody know......

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  1. What the stock is like in the London H boutiques (inc Harrods) for Evelyne and Picotin, i'm hoping to get one of either by the end of the year and i was wondering what availability might be like. I'd appreceiate any help :flowers:
  2. I can't speak specifically for London, but I know that Evelyne and Picotin are widely available at most boutiques in the US. You may have some challenge getting the exact color and leather that you want, but you should be able to get one! I love the Evelyne - it's a very easy bag for summer and running errands in the city.
  3. I've only been to Sloane and Royal Exchange in London. Both times I've been there they had Evelyns and Picotins. From what I heard, it's fairly common, however, if you have a particular colour in mind, then you should call first if they have if available as each store has a different stock. Good luck :smile:
  4. I'm not fussy, just want one of either, whichever i can afford :yes: preferably Evelyne, but not too sure i will be able to afford it. Thats if i don't give in to my urge to by an enamel bangle though!!!
  5. :tup:Just to re-iterate, give the shop(s) you will visit a quick call before you go and ask what colours / sizes / leathers they have. If you are after a particular colour, they may be able to source one from elsewhere in the UK for you or Paris.
  6. Sure you'll find one! Sloane St H store has had them every time I've been visiting. Probably Harrods has a few as well. Good luck!