Does anybody know....

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  1. If the Legacy Stripe Coin Purse/Keyfob is currently at the outlets? I saw somebody had it in the charms thread and fell in love with it. I wanted to get one for myself and one for my mother...and I'm taking a trip up to the outlet in Lancaster soon. Also, is there any luck with current charms that are in the store now to show up in the outlet once in a while?
  2. I'm pretty sure the legacy stripe coin purse isn't at the outlets. I don't think it'll go to the outlets either, just because they're opening up special stores just to sell Legacy, and it's way popular and you can still order it (unless it sold out recently)
  3. Oh okay that's good that it's still popular...I'm not going to rush to get it then. My mom desperately needs a new coin purse and I need one since my mini skinny is too packed just to hold change.

    I swear, I want way more than I can afford.
  4. i backordered some at the beginning of this month. if you want them call CS and ask about them.