Does anybody know who is getting a yellow classic flap in medium??

  1. Hi girls,
    i was wondering if anybody here knows who ordered the yellow classic in a med size?
    if possible an SA contact would be great too!
    Thank you so much in advance!:heart:
  2. ^ not sure if the medium size is $2650 (?) but the BG lookbook shows that they have the yellow in the sizes which cost $1995 and $2650. :yes:
    it's the same with the lookbook for Nordstrom seattle too (they ordered 3 of the yellow that costs $2650 and 3 in the $1995 size).

    for BG, i think the ladies on the board have recommending Joseph (212-872-2858) and for Nordies, i'd absolutely recommend Lucas at the MOA store (952-883-2121 ext 1390).
  3. Thank you hun!
    i think 2650 is for the jumbo and 1995 is for the east & west. I'm having a really hard time trying to locate whos getting these :heart: i know the boutique in Toronto did but i just got bumped off the list =(
    thank you anyways :heart:

  4. Try Habanerita's SA at Saks. Her name is Lazara 305/978.9927. I know she's getting the Yellow e/w.

  5. Nordstrom is getting the yellow Jumbo and e/w, but no medium flap. :smile: I've been on Joseph's list for quite some time for the yellow medium flap (I can't wait to get it!), and AFAIK, BG may be the only store getting yellow in the medium size! :heart: :yes:
  6. They have the medium at the HAWAII store...ask for GARETT.808-943-9615
    I just got my medium flap from was 2350 plus tax and shipping
  7. ^ second-ing the vote for gareth at the hawaii store. he is fantastic!
  8. Awh...I wish you can find one very soon. Have you asked if they are getting more later?
  9. ^^yes I was told Joseph is getting it at BG in the medium size...but its listed as 2650 USD--just checked the BG-Chanel order sheets he had sent me...
  10. ^^i also just emailed you *pure_honey...please let me know you got it
  11. I might have seen the medium in my store. Although it looks kinda like a cream colour to me. In the other picture that Mon posted:


    This does not look yellow to me. It has the new chain on it though with out that leather strap in the middle and the silver outline on the CC.

    I saw that exact bag in white though but I think its the larger size one.
  12. Pretty but still not used to the new chain...LOL
  13. I think *pure_honey meant this one:
  14. Ceci: Do you have a bigger picture of that bag? Is the color similar to the bag I posted?