Does Anybody Know Which Red Is This?

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  1. :angel::angel::angel:IS IT HARD 2 FIND ?
  2. That looks like coral to me but don't quote me. I'm a Chanel newbie... =)
  3. I gotta agree with DQ, it looks more like coral to me.

    And if it is indeed coral, that color was out this past spring (or was it a similar color?) so while not impossible, it may be hard to track down.
  4. all shades of red sell out quickly in the flap style :sad:
    will probably be hard to find.
  5. :shame::shame::shame: thank u guys so much & gonna ask my SA about this adorable baby~~~:P[SIZE=-1][/SIZE]
  6. adooooooooorable ...
  7. i like that bag... what's the style name and does anyone know how much it costs?