Does ANYBODY know which bag this is???

  1. Does anybody know which bag this is? I saw a picture of it in an old thread but they did not have the brand or model of it! I really really like it!! :drool:
  2. Mabye Loeffler Randall??
  3. Mmmm I tried looking it up but I didn't find anything =/ anybody else have any ideas?
  4. Kind of looks like it could be a Coach. Just guessing tho.
  5. Good question...cute bag though!
  6. It looks sorta Rafe-ish...

    But then again, I could also see this bag at Target!! ... not that it's a bad thing, though. Rafe's done bags for target.
  7. That was my thought too.
  8. I'm on the same wavelength. My first impulses were to say Rafe or Coach.