Does anybody know where to find the rouge vif purse?

  1. I saw the pictures of C. Aguilera wearing the rouge purse and I love it!! :yes: . Did anybody see it at all in any store?
    My husband will kill me :lecture: but this one will be the last one... ..
    I promise! :roflmfao:
  2. Don't make promises you can't keep!:P
  3. :whistle:
  4. Lol - I do it all the time!

    Was the picture of the last F/W rouge or this one?

  5. LMAO:roflmfao: That's why i stopped saying "this would be the last, I swear!" because BF knows better than that by now :lol::angel::whistle:
  6. hatikuh - I thought you were going to check out NM SF for us and report back on rouge vif city bags? :flowers:
  7. There is one at susans burlingame. not sure if its still there. you might want to check.
  8. Oh thank you so much !!:yahoo:
    Do you know the telephone number? :heart: :wlae:
  9. ^myriam, it's (650) 347-0452
    Good luck! :flowers:
  10. Thank you so much cate ! ;) :heart:
  11. I just call them and they only have the hobo in red :sad:

    Oh, well, I like to go hunting (just handbags ;) )
  12. I haven't seen it, but I'm also drooling over that Rouge Purse Aguilera wore!!! It's beautiful!!! :heart: Hope you can find it!:flowers:
  13. Thank you pups ;) ... no luck at the moment ! :crybaby:
  14. That might be a hard bag to find ... the Rouge purse that you see in those pictures of Christina Aguilera is from the 2005 Fall/Winter season (actually referred to as the Rouge Theatre).

    The current season has another Red (Rouge Vif), which is a beautiful bright Cherry Red (the Rouge Theatre was had more blue undertones).
    Unfortunately, I don't believe that the Rouge Vif Purse is available yet (seems that only the First is available right now). I'm not 100% sure that the Rouge Vif will even be available in the Purse style. I was just told recently that the Purse style is being discontinued after this season.

    I would call Balenciaga in NY to find out the scoop ...

    Here are pictures of my 2005 Rouge Theatre City (left), and my 2006 Pre-Fall Rouge Vif First (right):
    Rouge Theatre vs Rouge Vif - bestwtmk.jpg
  15. Sorry to hear that, myriam! Happy hunting!! :flowers:
    (I plan on stopping by the NM in SF in the next few days, so in case Hatikuh can't report back, I can look out for your rouge purse.)
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