Does anybody know where i can get the Striped Denim Spy???

  1. i really love the bag!! and the fendi store here in my city only had one!! of each size so basically two ( i dont know what i was thinking for not getting it the first time i saw it, when i went back it was gone! ) now i'm really sad and really want it! but have nooo clue where they might still have it since it was last season. Does anyone have any idea?
  2. oh wow thank you for the info!!! but i'm actually looking for just a regular striped one? that one was soo pretty! maybe i'm gonna have to go for the one on bluefly instead huh .. since this one is so hard to find now...
  3. Just be careful with bluefly there is lots of reports of them sending fakes and problems getting money back,

    Jomashop also do them and I am yet to hear any bad news from them, always good
  4. Jomashop sell authentic spys and sometimes have this bag at a very good price, like secret said please be careful of Bluefly
  5. Thank you !! is there any other websites or outlets that is still selling this bag?
  6. You may find one on eBay, but you have to worry about fakes there. There was one posted in the "authenticate this" thread recently, but I am quite certain it was a fake. Since it's not one of the more standard leather bags, you will probably have to wait a while to find one popping up on eBay. The only online place that sells legit Fendis where I have seen the denim stripe is on bluefly (and has been said, there have been scandals involving fake bags from bluefly in the past, but I have had good experiences with purchasing authentic bags from them. But this is the reason that you should post pics and get authentication if you do decide to buy from bluefly).
  7. omg! thank you soooo much!! I LOVE YOU!! and i love this forum!! hehe should i get this authenticate at the authenticate this forum girls? or no since it comes with the tag and receipt?
  8. So pretty :smile: best of luck getting the bag you love :flowers:
  9. That's quite a tough one to find if you want a new one.