Does anybody know where i can get hello kitty agenda refills?

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  1. I've been looking forever but i can't seem to feind andy, please help
  2. I am in the same boat. I think someone said ebay, but I can never find any,
  3. good the know i'm not stupid, i will let you know if it find anything
  4. Ebay look for hello kitty refill you might find it on buy it now
    or you can try Sanrio aka
  5. ^ oooh yes! I was going to suggest the same. I found some really cute refills online. :smile:
  6. The local sanrio doesn't have them? :/

    Any Morning Glory's in your area? Probably not in the Netherlands. :P They might have some.

    Maybe i should stock up and start selling them on ebay. or TPF members. Haha. :P There's so many places in so cal selling hello kitty stuff and I'm sure they should have agenda refills too...

    is there specific set of hello kitty refills people are actually looking for?
  7. I bought mine at a Hallmark store.
  8. :yes:I thought that too.
  9. i ca't seem to feind them on their site. I am not looking for e certain pair or size i will buy a matching agenda LOL. I don't think they sell HK here (:
  10. Ive been looking eveyrwhere too.. our local sanrio place doenst have them either
  11. same here, they are not online or in my local store :sad:

    I would take anything...HK, my melody, whatever
  12. If anyone finds any let me know too! I went to ebay, and the sanrio store. We have Morning Glory here but the only thing I've been able to find are Post it note inserts. I'd like to find something for next year that are cheaper than the LV ones I am using.
  13. tnx charles!
  14. I think I'm going to contact you concerning about these refills on next year :tup: at first I want to buy that lv-refill.