Does anybody know where I can find the blue metallic python stam??

  1. Hi,
    I saw this pic of the Blue metallic python stam and really want to get one. But, does anyone know where I might be able to find one and maybe on sale besides eBay?

  2. you shud try calling Nordies, they might still have some from the sale, or someone might have returned it

    or you can call the MJ boutiques but itll be full price if they can locate one for you
  3. i've seen quite a few of these sitting at the sales tables at Neiman Marcus. i would also trying calling Neiman Marcus last call if you don't have any luck with the department stores. good luck!
  4. I saw these at Nordstroms when they were on sale - even after 2nd markdown ($1599) no one seemed interested - I have a feeling a lot of them got sent to Nordstrom Rack stores - you might try calling a few to see if they have it (I know the Woodfield, IL store gets a lot of bags directly from Nordstrom stores - if they have this bag it's probably aorund $700)
  5. ^^ OOps, i guess it was the same bag, but it looks like the price was lowered.
  6. Thanks so much guys for your help!! You aren't going to believe this but I just got off the phone with the Nordstrom Rack in Bellevue, WA and they had one blue python stam in stock and IT'S MINE!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: They are going to do a charge send.....
  7. :dothewave:
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats--that's awesome!!