Does anybody know where I can find a medium horsebit in blue?

  1. THis is what it looks like. They have it for sale at but I figured they are probably fake . Does anybody know where I could locate one of these?
  2. i donno, good luck Colleen25, horsebits are hard to find now :sad:
  3. I really like that one. Could you check out that website dominooch and tell me what you think
  4. 131026 i believe..they style has long time been disc..
  5. has it I was just looking on eBay and saw it. I love it. Do you think the gucci outlet would have it
  6. do you know if that's the official serial # for this bag MissV?
  7. Yes that the number he lady gave on eBay? Anbody know a good question to ask the eBay seller? anybody have one? 6888372716
  8. yikes, that's scarey when you see it all laid out in front of you like that :blink: did you get to that page redsox-girl?
  9. wow, that's so cool, i've just bookmarked it on my 'puter ;)
  10. It sure does come in handy!! :yes:
  11. thank you so much, i've always wondered how to do that!!!
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