Does anybody know what year this bag was sold?

  1. I bought this from ebay because I absolutely LOVE this bag! It should be here tomorrow and I can't wait!

    Would you call it black and white? Or is it called black and grey? I see this print referred to as both...

    Wouldn't you know as soon as I bought it, another one (brand new) was listed -- but at least it went $50 higher so I felt better. :rolleyes:

    Then last night I got this wallet to match it:

    I'm hoping my mom can find a few little accessories at the outlet store to go with it, too!
  2. I am not sure what year that is from but it is too cute!
    If I had to guess I would say it was being sold a few years ago.
  3. Definately more than a year ago, and thay would be considered black and grey. I did a drill down on Coach and this is what I got for the item number. Do the handles look different to you?
  4. The handles definately look different.
  5. They're adjustable handles... I rarely see the handles at their longest as the auction I purchased had them showing. There is even a little card with directions on how to adjust it! :P
  6. Ok...This bag and the others like it are the very FIRST of the signature bags collection. When COACH rolled out the new "Signature" print, this bag which is the small duffle and the larger one above (^khaki) came out. They were the redesign of the classic leather duffle sacs.

    I still have my large Signature duffle. That color you posted would be considered black and white, as that's what COACH calls it. I have the all black. There's a pic in my collection but it isn't a good shot.

    They came out in 2000, *I believe. I still have my reciept for it (yes, i'm weird like that) so I can tell you certainly when I get home tonight, if you'd like.
  7. ^^^not wierd thats a great thing! I was thinking 3-4 years ago too.
  8. Not weird at all..I keep all my handbag receipt in the inside purse pockets of that bag. If it's multiple items on one receipt than I keep it in the little folder in a small tiffany shopping bag.
  9. That's not weird at all! I keep all my receipts, too.

    Thanks so much!!!! IF you happen to think about it and check, I'd love to know for sure.

    Looking closely at the one I bought and the shown above in khaki -- they sure look the same size to me. Could mine also be the large signature duffle?

    Thanks again!
  10. okay twoharleygirl: The signature duffles came out in 2002. They were $278 for the large. The color that I have is called Silver/Black. HTH!! :biggrin:
  11. Yes, it did and thank you so much for looking that up! :flowers:
  12. This is a current style for the Factory Stores. The color code is silver/black/white. (Silver for the hardware.)