Does anybody know this scarf?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Any idea what collection this is from? :confused1:

    TIA, folks!
  2. sorry i have no idea but ill bump this thread up a bit.
  3. No bump again
  4. I want to know's gorgeous!!
  5. Sorry no idea where is John I think he has the entire LV back catalogue memorised
  6. I think it looks like some kind of special edition.
  7. I have no idea but it's gorgeous
  8. I still didn't find any info on it :shrugs:

    It's the same size as the Denim Bandana (55cm x 55cm)
  9. Sorry I can't be of any help - it's a beautiful pattern!
  10. Its very pretty so heres a bump!
  11. bump for this scarf
  12. It has such an interesting look to it.
  13. it's a beautiful scarf! No idea about the name...
  14. Hmm I don't know! I have the same problem!! HELP;)!

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