does anybody know the prices for burberry trenches in europe?

  1. I've seen trenches on the usa site that i liked for about just under 1k. I like the classic knee length ones, double breasted. Does anybody know what they cost in Europe? I'm going to buy them is spain problably

    Many thanks!
  2. check out luisaviaroma. They have Burberry trenches in Euros.
  3. thank you!
  4. I live in Spain.I saw some trenches today in a popular store here .I saw one very nice at 590 € but it was on sale almost 300 euros.There were few sizes availables.
  5. Gracias ;) unfortunately i won't be in Barcelona till the end of april. I will definetely go to the burberry store on paseig the gracia or maybe el corte ingles
  6. depends on which style you buy but here in germany they range between 800 to 1000 euros. - unless you go to one of the outlets (We have one about 20 minutes away and they had some coats - not the greatest ones though - for 500 - I reckon outlets in UK will be much better)

    Have fun in Spain
  7. Where is the outlet in Germany?