Does anybody know the price of the regular glasses case?

  1. The kind where it's open on one end? I don't see it on elux and am just curious as to the price. Thanks!
  2. I remember seeing it on Elux, it's not there now but I think it was around 165 or 170, something like that.
  3. Thanks -- I was hoping it was a bit less... the one with the flap closure is $165.
  4. It's £67 in the UK, so around $130US?
  5. OH okay, I was talking about the one with the flap closure. So, the one thats open on one end must be less than that. Good luck!!
  6. you can call 866-VUITTON and ask them
  7. The price is $125 US dollars and if you want them hurry up because there are only ten left in the whole country. Good Luck.
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