Does anybody know the price of the Mademoiselle clutch at Pre-sale?

  1. Hey Darlings! :smile:
    I have been patrolling the posts like a mad woman. I've been trying to find the price of the blueish-greenish mademoiselle clutch that is currently on pre-sale. I probably don't have enough street credit to post a thread like this, but I'll try!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. If you find it at Saks/NM, take 30% off $795. or maybe it was $895. anyways it should be around $550 after the discount
  3. thanks so much jen! time to head for the chanel store!:yahoo:
  4. I just bought one at Neiman Marcus. It was $577.00 before tax.
  5. I saw one at San Diego NM last weekend.
  6. Can anyone post a pic of this clutch in any color. I would love to see it. I looked in the resource library but only found the classic clutch. Thanks in advance.
  7. no problem! i hope you find it, it's such a cute clutch and i think it's gorgeous in that color
  8. I think every NM has them still..not great sellers, even at the sale price. My SA is holding one for me until last call HAHHA..shes so great. I would buy it then $577 + 30% off. YAY
  9. Too cute!!! :lol: ;)

    Good luck with getting the mademoiselle clutch - it's such a pretty bag! :love:
  10. hey piper! heere's a pic of the clutch (originally posted by SophiaLee in this thread)...

  11. ^^Jen, thanks for posting. Now, I'm sorry I asked. I really love it!

    Where are all of the good sales? I don't have a NM credit card.
  12. ^ no problem Piper!

    Do you have American Express? I know there's way around the AMEX/NM cards only but you could always trying calling around to Saks to see if they have any of the clutches. I've always liked Saks better anyways :p
  13. :heart:
    Wow, after seeing the picture below. I like this clutch. When is last call gonna start poker13?? Getting a chanel clutch for $ 577 is a great bargain alrready, but who wouldn't mind to save even more ;) Would you mind telling your SA to keep one for me also?? Love to get my hand on one of this. Just bought a Jimmy CHoo lizard clutch for 450 already, but am thinking of the Mad Clutch now. Let me know if you can reserve one for me, I think am gonna cancel my JC clutch. Please let me know asap. TIA.