Does anybody know the name of this vintage clutch?

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  1. This is a picture of a le monde hermès cover 1981/1982 (for sale on eBay by luxury-zurich)

    I adore this vintage clutch, and i have never seen it before, does anybody know the name of that style?

    Thank you very much for your help experts!:heart:

  2. Anybody? I know it's a pretty tough question.
  3. I haven't a clue, but I'm dying to know and put this one in my archives. Could you ask your local craftsman and get back to us?
  4. ^^^I will, but I'm not in France at the moment, I'm in Italy, and will be here until September, so I don't know if the local craftlady who is quite young BTW will know. I'll print a pic and ask her anyway:smile:.
  5. TT, empty your inbox!!!!
  6. I have emptied it! Thanks Duna
  7. Ooh that's lovely; wish I did know what it was!

    And on a separate note, I would really really love to be in Italy right now.
  8. Grazie! By the way, I have no idea what this clutch is called, but it's GORGEOUS!!!!:drool:
  9. No idea but it´s a beauty!
  10. Hey, I have an idea, I know that several PFers know the owner of Luxury-Zurich, and since the name of the clutch must be written on that magazine that they're selling, maybe if somebody who knows them asked for the information, maybe they would be kind an tell them...I don't know, it's just an idea, but maybe they wouldn't appreciate that, and they would just think that if we want to know we'd better buy it from them...don't know...what do you think?
  11. ^^I dont think they would mind if you asked them, TT. They are very nice!
  12. Yes, Trama. Please find out and let us know. I love vintage H items.......especially such a lovely clutch.
  13. Ok, I asked LZ. Hopefully we'll have an answer:nuts:
  14. I just got the answer from LZ, and the clutch is called Lady.

    Thank you Mario!:heart:
  15. Trama - thanks for finding out her name. I just bumped into one this afternoon at a reseller. Rouge H Box at USD 450, but not in very good condition.