Does anybody know the model number of Kate Beckinsale's sunglasses?

  1. i know they are fendi but what is the style/model number?

    TIA! :smile:
    11 (Large).jpg 12 (Large).jpg
  2. let me know if you need more pictures...
  3. I think it's this pair? I've been debating whether I should get them. Let me know if you think it's the same - that way I can tell what they look on a real person. Kate has another pair of sunnies that is just TDF, it's by Oliver Peoples, so stylish.


    BTW - it's available on now.
  4. do those have a little emblem on the other ear piece? I notice hers does.
  5. thanks so much, TravelBug! unfortunately bluefly doesn't ship to my country but i will search for them here...