Does anybody know of a chanel store that will have a june sale? or currently having

  1. What chanel store will be having a june sale that people were mentioning?
  2. I believe every store around the nation will put things on sale as soon as they got a memo from corporate.
  3. ok I just want somebody to let me know I want to buy a black cambon. I ave a pink one that I got on sale but had to return the black one. So I was hoping there would be a sale soon
  4. I was reading the Deals section, and it looks like some Chanel purses are on sale at Saks today. I am going to stop by after work today to check it out :amuse:
  5. My friend works in the store here and she said that the sale is in June and they never put the bags on sale just shoes. She was telling some of the prices are going to go up soon also.
  6. I have seen some bags on sale, but VERY few. Also, I don't know if the black cambon will be marked down. I think from what I have been reading it is just the pink and beige.
  7. Someone posted that Saks had a Chanel 40% off sale today.
  8. I believe becasue the black is the more "classic" color of the line, the black won't go on sale.

    And another price hike??!!?? goodness, it's a good thing i got my black tote last year..
  9. ack! i gotta go!
  10. my SA in short hills said that the shoes will be going on sale soon.
  11. Any idea if the cambon flats will be included in the sale? :graucho:
  12. That would be great! :love:
  13. I don't think black Cambon will be on sale.
  14. wow! chanel sale...i like!
  15. ^^wahahaha! just the right person i expect to have GREAT interest in this topic :biggrin: