does anybody know if there is a price difference between Holland and Belgium?

  1. I''m planning to go on a trip to Belgium (Antwerp) in october and is was wondering if the prices are diffrent from the prices in Holland. I paid 410 euros for a mono speedy 25 and 565 for the Batignolles Horizontal in mey. I was also wondering if it's legal to buy in Belgium and take it back to Holland. Thanks
  2. ^^It's definitely legal!
    Can't help you w/ the price though.
  3. prices are the same and of coz is legal :yes: ,all the bags in LV Amsterdam are coming from Brussel boutique and brussel(of coz) received the goods from Paris then they send some to NL
  4. Belgium and Netherlands have the same prices. Luxemburg has the same prices as France so a little cheaper than B and N.

    Goods go straight to Netherlands from France.

    It's completely legal.
  5. It's legal, since both countries are members of the European Union. :flowers:

    The prices are the same in every EUR currency country, except France is 10-20€ cheaper per bag at the moment (+ Monaco & Luxembourg).