Does anybody know how the strap is meant to fasten on the Alis oversized satchel?

  1. Did anybody see how the strap had been attached, in the store? There must be some trick to it, as I was playing around with one, earlier, and if the strap is fastened on the ordinary way, it is simply much too long (and there is no means of adjusting it).

    Anybody see this?

    Many thanks, in advance!
  2. From what I've seen, if you wear it cross-body or over your shouler, it will hang down to your thigh... otherwise, I've only ever seen it hand-held.

    Does this differ to what you know?
  3. Thanks! Maybe it's because I'm short (5.4 - 5-5ish), but I found that this was hanging almost to the floor, when not cross-body, and to my knee when cross body.

    I thought there might be some trick to fastening the strap -- especially since the bags were carried sideways on the runway.

    I'm stumped, though. It's so odd that the strap won't adjust.