Does anybody know how reliant paypal is???

  1. i hope you guys can help me! i bought a fake bag on ebay, of course the jerk put up picutres of the real one and sends me the fake! but ebay sent me an email and removed the listing, after of course i paid over 600 on paypal!! i faxed the letter to paypal today, does anybody know how good they are with claims??! i got the bag and its plastic, could you belive a plastic chanel?!! anyway, paypal says they'll help but they're not contacting me. did you guys ever have a similar situation??
  2. In this situation you're pretty safe if you used paypal

    If you havent received the item yet, file an "item not received dispute" and take it from there. state that the auction has been pulled by ebay.

    If you have received then item fil;e "significantly not as described" and state the item is counterfeit and ebay have already pulled it.

    You need to act fast just incase the seller closes their account and dissapears. Even then, ebay or paypal could still reocever the money for you.

    Next time you want to buy a handbag, have the members here look at the auction and give their opinion on its authenticity :smile:
  3. This happened to me with a dior bag a couple of years ago. File the report and they'll have you ship the bag to paypal not the buyer. You should get your money back with the buyers protection program. If that doesn't work do a chargeback with your credit card company