Does anybody know difference between colour Male and Gold?? Pictures??

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  1. Also, been thinking of getting 28cm Kelly Sellier, but don't know which leather to get it in as well. Any advice?? :rolleyes:
  2. I think the best is to go to the reference library and put on your reading glasses!!!
    welcome though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi Zoopla, thanks for the reply. That's what I did immediately after the SA told me the bag is in Male.. But I could only find Noisette, Gold and other browns in the Reference library.. which is why I'm asking whether anyone has a Male coloured bag here :smile:
  4. I never heard about Male. Maybe it's a new color?
  5. Perhaps your SA means Miel. Honey in French.
  6. Hi Costa, the SA said it was a new colour :smile:
    That's the bag they're offering to me right now.. but after going through the Reference Library Gold seems delicious! So I just want to make sure I make the right choice before I say aye to the Male Kelly...
  7. handybags- you may be right. silly me. I only managed to find Miel in crocrodile leather though. Anyone has one in normal leather? However, the colour in the picture looks a tad too reddish then the one offered. Perhaps its the lighting in the picture.
  8. ^ Yes I only know of miel in croc and it isn't new colour. Nor one of the ones I understand we're expecting as new for SS09. Not silly at all; some SAs are notoriously bad with the colours and with the leathers for that matter. I'm not saying this is the case but it is worth keeping in mind.
  9. apparently there is miel now in non exotic too (in limited leathers)but i have not seen it to date personally
  10. Lilach - thank you I am constantly amazed ;) So Miel or Gold Motomoto. Good luck with your choice.
  11. Hi Lilach, would you know which brown is lighter? Or have you seen any pictures of which lying around that I can refer too? :smile:

    Handybags- such a hard choice! Definitely need the luck :smile:
  12. According to this list (credit to MrsSparkles), miel is available in epsom (AW 2008). What leather is the Kelly you have been offered?
  13. Kashmira- Yes, Epsom's the leather that I've been offered :smile:

    I made a trip to H store in my area last night and sadly there's only a 25cm Kelly in Olive Green, Box leather available. I also went through all the leather and colour samples, and personally, Cognac still appeals best for me. Miel is darker, and a little too dull (I feel). He mentioned Sellier is hard to come by in the stores, and it's usually offered in Epsom, Vache Ligee, Box, and Togo. Vache Ligee is beautiful. There's a light sheen about it.

    The SA said he'll keep a lookout for me, noted my details and will buzz if there's anything similar to what I wanted. No ordering is allowed (maybe cos' I'm new). So basically, no promises.

    Hold your breath, cross your fingers and wish upon a star.
  14. Actually i've been thinking, should I settle for the Miel Epsom 28cm? Or should I wait for a colour such as Cognac? What are my chances of getting a Cognac Sellier 28cm Kelly? The
  15. Have you seen the Miel Epsom IRL? If you've seen it and you love it, you should have it.

    But it doesn't sound like you love it.... "should I settle".... no :nogood: