Does anybody here own a stam/little stam in natural?

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  1. hi guys i was wondering if any of you owned the stam/little stam in natural? i was wondering if it was a light beige or more of an ivory tone? i'm having a hard time finding a picture of the natural colour in the stam on this forum! so frustrating haha. Let me know if any of you guys are familiar with this colour/ and/or own this bag thanks!!!:yes:
  2. I dont own it but I can definitely say it is a beautiful bag!:yes:
  3. thanks gung! cause there's a little stam in natural on e-bay right now and i've been dyingggg for a little stam in a neutral colour but i'm just not sure how light coloured this one is cause i was looking for a slightly beigy toned one
  4. you mean peanut? if so, i have a peanut stam which is more (i'd say) on the lighter beige side...i posted photos before...