Does anybody here have depression? Or has anybody ever had it?

  1. I have seen lots of nice threads here of people sharing several experienes. They mostly share experiences that it's nice to talk about, such as pregnancies, nose jobs or breasts improvements, or eventually diets...but nobody seems to talk about depression.
    I don't know if I'm bringing out a subject that people just don't want to talk about because they don't want things to become too close and personal. I just don't know, but there might be a reason, but why don't people talk about it? Is it so rare?
  2. There have been a few threads on this topic. Mostly when someone is struggling and others who have it share their experiences, treatment,, etc. It's not rare at all, IMO. There may be members who would rather not reveal something personal like this. I reply if I think I can add some words that may help.

    If you do a search, depression may not be in the thread title
  3. I have. I don't feel depressed at the moment but i have throughout my life. I think part of it might be hormonal.
  4. I gather from the general tone of the forum and threads that this is a place for mutual support and admiration, of positive focus. That's not to say that if someone wrote a thread headed "Help, I'm so depressed, I've bought too many Birkins and now can't pay my rent," that nobody would be interested in reading it. I think it would be a bit controversial and the mods might get upset. When you think about it, all these people (including myself are spends loads and loads of money on handbags and we obsess about them day in and day out and into the wee hours of the night. If 95% or more of us don't have at least SOME kind of issue (which depression could be one) I'd be mighty surprised. However, I think most of the ladies here have probably been raised like I was, that it's "not nice" to air your problems in public, and that's what makes it feel taboo.

    My heart goes out to those with depression, because I've been to hell and back with it, and it's a dark, scary road. The good news is I've finally overcome it after 30 years of suffering and I feel inconquerable and ready to take on the world!:heart:
  5. I have been depressed quite a few times in my life. When I was younger I was seeing taking medications and seeing a child psychiatrist because they thought depression was causing me to have daily migraines. Sometimes I would get to the point where I can't stop crying and I'm angry at the world. For instance, I know it's not healthy to be jealous of others but I do. I see friends who have SO's that work at good paying jobs and they're always taking vacations and they seem very happy. Then there's me who's husband doesn't make quite 20k a year and I'm having to fork over more than half of my monthly income to pay the bills. It just gets frustrating because I want to be able to shop and take vacations w/o having to worry about whether we'll have money to pay the bills and pay down some of our debt. At times I'll just start crying and asking myself why couldn't I have a wealthier life but I know that no two lives can't be the same. I know that money doesn't make you happy but it does make everything a little easier in case an emergency or something was to happern. For right now, I'll just keep on moving and hopefully one day we'll be at a point where we are financially comfortable. It doesn't bother me to share some of my experiences because I like to help others then there are other experiences that like Ingenue Sophie said I would rather just not air it all out because it is a scary and low point to be at and its not easy when you feel depressed but have to make it appear to others as if nothing is wrong. I like coming to this forum because it makes me feel like I can open up and not have to worry about those close to me judging me.
  6. Thanks boxermom.

    Thanks Zophie for saying it

    Thanks Ingénue Sophie, you are right, it might be "not nice " to air problems in public, I think you have a point. And for this same reson I'll try to behave now.

    But on the other side let's not forget that hiding and not talking about it openly, has somehow led our society to be very knownledgeble on many illnesses, but not on depression.
    The main reaction people generally have is "come on, be strong cheer up and make an effort and then you will feel better" which is exxxxxtremely (please pardon me) ignorant.

    I am 36, and I have started to admit publicly (from time to time, not my fav chattering subject!) that I've had depression a short time ago.
    I've been hiding for almost 30 years of my life. I've been trying to just hide everything from early age because I wasn't long to realise that it was the only way to have some peace and some respect from others. I have been a very different baby, a very different child, a very different youngster, and in the end a very different woman.
    I am so good at hiding I could be an actress, and because I've been hiding soooooo well I've usually been judged as selfish and spoilt.
    Wow! Amazing result!

    Honestly I have come to a point where I don't know if "not airing problems in public" is right. During the last very few years there has been a sort of public campaign in the country where I live, aimed at creating a real knownledge of what depression really is or is not. We've had stars talking about it publicly and explaining how their everyday life was, or is. We've had husbands, parents, coworkers and friends (when they have some), of these people talking publicly.Well, I think that's positive.

    I just wanted to share my experience here because I think it can be helpful to others (and maybe to me as well when I feel bad?)
    I think it can be good to feel there's a supportive hand from somebody who really understands that you don't have a f*****g clue of what's going on, but you just feel bad, and it won't go away, and you hate the feeling.

    I also wanted to let these people know they are not alone.

    Why talking about this on tPF? I mean we are here for purses after all!
    Well I have noticed that while many people are supposed to be here for purses only, they end up hanging around for the nice feeling of friendhip from the helpful people that they find here. They can feel a bit more free than IRL because they talk quite anonymously, and they are more prone to opening themslves because they are in a forum with people who share their same passions and therefore they feel they are understood.
    So maybe they will feel the need to open themselves when they feel bad.

    As a matter of fact there are LOTS of people feeling like that around the world.

    For what's regarding me, I have seen countless doctors, countless therapists before finding one I more or less liked. I have been put on at least 10 different drugs because none would work for me (and those who have tried at least one know what it means). From these drugs I have had countless side effects, some of which are quite painful.

    But on the other hand the days are not all the same. So even if during the past one and a half year I've been going through a quite painful period, before that I've had better times. Yes, I've had good times, sometimes almost very good times!

    I'll be happy to hear I'm not alone, if you want to share your experience with me.
  7. A huge round of applause for you, trama turgo. Good for you for saying what you did. It's absolutely true that society always tries to hide stuff like depression and encourages people to "buck up" and get with the program.

    I agree, I think it's nice we have little subforums like this to talk about stuff other than purses, because we want to share our experiences with like minded people in an anonymous setting. Thank goodness for tPF!

    I'm also happy to talk with others about their depression if you need a friendly ear. I'm not a doctor, but I've been on almost every medication for pain and depression known to man, and I'm not afraid to talk about it. I DO go to bed every night now and say thanks, God for giving me a good day. It's not about how much money I make or what I have, it's about wanting to get out of bed the next morning and actually do something for a change.

    Lots of love to all of you who have or had a similar problem! :heart:
  8. Thanks Ingénue Sophie, and a big hugh:heart: :love:
  9. Depression can be very isolating. Best thing is when somebody will sincerely listen - aside from fresh air!
  10. Ingenue Sophie, I agree with you that many of us grew up in families that didn't talk about personal problems and you certainly didn't talk about emotional or mental problems--you kept it private and didn't share. How harmful that attitude was for many of us.

    trama turgo, this is the forum where we have discussed this issue when people suffering from depression, post and need support. That's why I said if I think I can help, I will add what I've learned in my own experiences with depression and anxiety. It's not an easy road--like you said, many medicines may not work before you find the right combination. It's not easy to find a good therapist either.

    remonb, trama, Ingenue Sophie, Zophie, and all the other PF members who suffer from depression, it helps countless people when our struggles are shared whether everyone talks about it or not. There may be people who just read these posts and find hope--we'll never know. But it's not a taboo subject here.
  11. Having been a psychologist for the past 18 years I can say that depression is a horrible thing to suffer from. Very few people really understand how awful it is, and how much it impacts the person's life. I am also on the faculity of the Carter Center in Atlanta where myself and a group work with former First Lady Lillian Carter to educate employers on depression to encourage them to offer a rich mental health benefit to their employees so those with a mental illness can easily access help. Those who suffer, you are not alone.
  12. I am extremely depressed right now as I've been dealing with illness for the past 4 months and have not felt well since. I already had some existing issues and when I got my diagnosis went off the deep end. I am seeking help now actually to try to combat it as I fear it's hindering my healing process. I'm afraid of being sick, what's happening to my body, everything. I find that since I've been ill, my depression is even worse - it actually can impair your immune system and weaken your body which isn't what I want to be doing right now. Your thoughts are so important and negativity breeds negativity so I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel....
  13. I'm sorry you're feeling down, Twinklette! Be assured that we WILL keep you in our prayers and we all hope you will feel better soon.

    You're absolutely right that your mind can influence how your body feels. That's why they say "mind over matter." I used to have horrible nausea and involuntary vomiting probs (sorry if this is TMI - too much information) but I tell you, the last time it threatened to kick in, I said to myself silently "I'm NOT going to let you do this to me!!!!" and it took me 10 minutes, but I staved it off! It was totally empowering.

    Best wishes to you - hang in there and a big hug!:heart:

    p.s. I found making a list of the things I DO like about my life really helped also. Want to say too that I didn't mean in any of my previous postings that we SHOULDN'T talk about these sorts of things, just that that's how it is perceived. And also, I don't suffer from it anymore. I just identify with it because it was so prolonged and also recent. Thanks for listening, all!
  14. Hi Trama,

    You are certainly not alone. many people suffer from one or another form of depression. Have a look at this thread:

    I developed serious anxiety after my father was killed in a car accident when I was 18, it developed into a cancer phobia which got worse when I had the children (fear of dying & leaving them) Then after marriage break up things got even worse. I live a lot of my life in fear & feeling like there is a boulder on my head. It is hard to feel happy but I am really trying hard to overcome this now & to live my life instead of wasting it as I have done, not easy!!!
    Thanks for everyones wise words here!:flowers:
  15. Like Boxermom said there have been lots of threads on this when some of our members have been depressed or suffering. It's horrible and debilitating. I have no qualms about sharing my experience w/ it. I'm really like an open book particularly to my friends here. I consider the pf my extended family and we can always find support here.