Does anybody have..

  1. I found this gorgeous images of miniature bags from LouisVuitton magazine!:drool::drool::drool: it says 125 bags are exclusively sold at the champs-elysees store.
    Does anyone in the forum own any of the minature bags?:heart:
    ( sorry for the bad quality pics)
    Photo 397.jpg Photo 395.jpg
  2. At least two members have one of these, there are pics posted at the LV clubhouse, they are just gorgeous!!
  3. So tiny and cute!!
  4. So cute.
  5. Thanks:shame: .
  6. yeah - these are sooo cute. i wish i could get one.... i'll call now....
  7. Here are some pics of the pieces available, I personally love the Multico Lockit, Nomade Lockit. The Speedy is really cute too.

  8. Gah so adorable!